Deep Griha Academy

One of Deep Griha’s most ambitious projects, Deep Griha Academy is an English-medium school open to all children from the rural community outside of Pune.

Inaugurated in 2006, Deep Griha Academy provides education for children living in the rural outskirts of Pune, where there are limited educational prospects. A fee is charged for admissions in order to make the school self-sustainable, but a sliding scale is used to help ensure that all interested families can afford an English-medium education for their children.

The curriculum is designed to facilitate creative and practical thinking among students in order to help them meet the challenges of modern rural India.

The Academy also aims to be fully inclusive, ensuring that the curriculum accommodates children with special educational needs so that they can be educated in the mainstream classroom as much as possible.

Deep Griha Academy is undergoing continuous expansion. The school currently offers kindergarten and first grade classes, and each subsequent year will offer an additional grade level.

Located on land formerly used as a poultry farm, Deep Griha Academy has undertaken extensive renovations of the buildings and the surrounding land, transforming the space into a beacon of education.